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I love the idea of being a private slut. What I mean is that it's not something I broadcast to everyone, it's more of a secret. None of my friends or family know what I do, and it's not that I don't think they can accept it. I like keeping my sexual pleasures a big "secret" and behaving lady like within my real life. This is exactly why I became a phone sex operator. I like the idea of an unexpected naughty conversation, and I like meeting new people. I have no problem talking about sex, asking questions about it, or offering you my naughty advice. My experience and knowledge on the subject of sex makes me very confident and comfortable with who I am. Sometimes I just like the idea of the talk and having it get me wet and horny. Other times I can't resist but to join in and touch myself. I don't always cum, and that's fine because I like the feeling of being wet all day and staying turned on. I like a soft delicate touch while we talk, fiddling with my tits and my pussy. I like dirty conversation and sex talk while I touch and feel myself. I've been doing phone sex for quite awhile now, and that means I'm experienced in it. I really LOVE the MYSTERY of it all... wondering what the person looks like etc. I believe that the mystery is a major part of the pleasure! I'm also a classy educated erotic woman that happens to enjoy all aspects of my sexuality. I'm great company for you, I'm a fantastic conversationalist, and I've got a rich imagination. Phone sex can be highly stimulating, extremely erotic, and very pleasurable if it's done right. I believe that creativity comes in all forms, not just our minds... or the things we can physically create, but also with our kinks and sexual tastes.

Below are the common things I am asked on a daily basis. I kept my answers short because I also believe in truth and directness!

Do you do domination calls?
Everyone defines domination a little differently. To some callers it is painful, and to others it is more about the mind games. I like the head trips, the control, the teasing, but not the pain.

What is your specialty?
I don't believe in "specialties" because I am not pretending to be something that I am not. In other words, I won't pretend, I won't act, and I sure won't lie to you. I'll be myself on the call. I' m educated and well versed in many topics, I am sure we will find something to chat about!

What kinds of things can we talk about?
Pretty much anything you'd like to talk about!

Do you do Roleplays?
Yes. If you have something particular in mind then we can act it out together. Or I can even describe the entire scene to you while you listen.

How naughty is the conversation?
That's up to the two of us on our private call. Remeber, it's a secret!

Do you really get into the call?
Well sure, if that's the direction the call leads in. But not all my calls are that way. A client's interest or fetish varies so there is not a standard answer.

Do you have a lot of regular callers?
Tons. Been in business awhile now, and I have many regular callers.

Do you have knowledge of various fetishes?
Being experienced in the business yes, I have knowledge of every type of fetish you can dream up. And if and when I don't... I make it a point to educate myself.

How long have you been doing phone sex?
7 years! And no, it doesn't get old or boring. I get to meet new people each day, and each person is different. Would you get bored talking about sex all day?

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When I am not available, or for an opportunity to talk to other girls... please support my friends by calling 1-888-448-8712. This is a trusted and respected phone sex service that I can safely promote and support to my clients. There will be a recording when you call that line with prompts to follow and full disclosures. This line charges the same prices that I do.

The Vision of Secret Caller is to provide my clients with a little mystery, class, and intelligence into their phone sex experience. Secret Caller excels in customer service and professionalism while still providing a rich fantasy for entertainment and pleasure. Secret Caller's perfect client? A man who appreciates a Multi-Talented Communication Specialist with experience.

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